Dubai: Should you buy or rent the property?

When you migrate from your hometown to Dubai, the first issue that you face is the residence. If you are moving with your family, this is a more severe issue with limited options in the start. In start, when things are quite uncertain you should never go for the purchase of property unless you have a plan to use it as an investment in future. For residential purposes, the best decision is to lease out a property which is available on lease for ten to ninety-nine years. This is a great way of securing your place of residence in Dubai and you can easily move with your family and pay annual rent with a peace of mind. This is not a simple decision and it involves certain factors. Let us evaluate these two possibilities in further detail.

Factors that affect your decision:
When you plan to invest in the Properties for Sale (عقارات للبيع) there are certain factors which will play important role in deciding of purchasing or taking on rent. These factors are enlisted below:

• Your financial worth
• Option of obtaining a bank loan
• Previous properties in UAE
• Dynamics of market
• How long are you planning to stay in UAE?

If you have a plan to stay for a few years and you are not considering to permanently shift to Dubai, you should get the property on rent and should make investment in your hometown but there are some benefits of owning your property too. First, you would not have to bear the annual charges (which are not obviously low) and second is that one day you would have to evacuate the property. On the hand, if your plan is to stay more than a couple of years in Dubai and you have a good financial health, you should make investment in عقارات للبيع في دبيand not in your hometown. This would give you a much better return!

Posted on November 29, 2019